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Julia Ellen Allred Coonrod (Julie Coonrod) jcoonrod@unm.edu

Dean of Graduate Studies     grad.unm.edu     (505) 277- 6062

Professor      MSC01 1070      Civil Engineering     The University of New Mexico    Albuquerque, NM  87131     (505)277-3233



Research and Academic Interests:

My research has focused on issues relating to the Middle Rio Grande, including bosque evapotranspiration estimates, climate change impacts on stream flow, and the intersection of restoration & flood control goals.  I direct the Hydraulics Lab where we build physical models of storm water structures for the local flood control authority and the DOT.  In addition to traditional water resources courses, I teach a graduate level course that emphasizes the modeling capabilities of GIS.


My Classes:


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Spring, 2014:

CE 547 GIS in Water Resources Engineering (enrolled students, also see learn.unm.edu)

Fall, 2012:

CE 442 Hydrology & Hydraulic Engineering (enrolled students, see WebCT)

CE 691 Graduate Seminar

Spring, 2011:

CE 492 Women, Water, & Work (crosslisted with AMST, EPS, and HIST)

CE 547 GIS in Water Resources Engineering



CE 202 Statics
CE 442 Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
CE 491C Rio Grande Seminar, Fall, 06
CE 499 Design of Civil Engineering Systems
CE 542 Intermediate Hydrology
CE 545 Open Channel Flow
CE 598 Advanced GIS in Water Resources Engineering


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