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Graduate Students:

  Kareem Saint-Lot, MSCE (anticipated 2013)
  • Hydraulics Lab Research Assistant
  • Undergraduate Degree:  B.S. Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2010
  • co-advised with Dr. Mark Stone
  • Research Interests:
  • Contact: eMail
  Tyler Gillihan, MSCE (anticipated 2013)
  • Fluids Lab TA, Hydraulics Lab Research Assistant
  • Undergraduate Degree:  B.S. Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2010
  • co-advised with Dr. Mark Stone
  • Research Interests:
  • Contact: eMail


Former Graduate Students: 

Stephen Brown Stephen Brown, MSCE (2012)
  • Undergraduate Degree:  B.S. Earth & Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico, 2010
  • Research Interests: Interdisciplinary hydrologic systems modeling and restoration, correlation of snowpack, runoff, and climate, structural geology and geomorphology.
  • Contact: eMail
  • Employer: US Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque

Sheila Johnson, MSCE (2012)
  • Project Title: "Climate Change Impacts on Flood Frequency in New Mexico"
  • Undergraduate Degree:  B.S. Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2009
  • Research Interests:
  • Contact: eMail
  • Employer: Consulting, Santa Fe, NM
Kyle Shour Kyle Shour, MSCE (2011)
  • Thesis Title: "Using a Sediment Transport Model to Examine River Restoration Sustainability at the Rio Grande Nature Center."
  • Undergraduate Degree:  B.S. Civil Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology 2009
  • Research Interests: River Restoration, Sediment Transport Modeling, Physical Modeling of Hydraulic Structures in Supercritical Flow
  • Contact: eMail
  • Employer: TetraTech, Albuquerque, NM

Chi, MSCE  (2011)
  • Thesis Title: "Application of HEC-HMS in Estimating Streamflow of the Rio Grande under Impacts of Climate Change "
  • Undergraduate Degree:  B.S. Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2009
  • Research Interests: Hydrologic and hydraulic computational modeling, MATLAB applications, forensic engineering to anayze failures of hydrualic structures
  • Contact: eMail
  • Emplyoyer: US Bureau of Reclamation, Albuquerque, NM
Stephen Kissock, MSCE (2011)
  • Thesis Title: "Hydraulic and Geospatial Analyses of Stream Engineering and Habitat Restoration near Los Lunas, New Mexico "
  • Undergraduate Degree:  B. S. Environmental Science, Oregon State University, 2004
  • Research Interests: Physical modeling of watersheds and streams; river restoration and stream habitat analysis; and impacts of climate change on hydrology
  • Contact: eMail
  • Employer: US Army Corps of Engineers, Boston, MA

Nelson Bernardo – Lateral Outflow From Supercritical Channels (MSCE, 2010)

Gerhard Schoener - Comparison of AHYMO and HEC-HMS for Runoff Modeling in New Mexico Urban Watersheds (MWR, 2010)

Kelly Isaacson - Modeling riparian groundwater depth as a function of river flow for the Rio Grande at Albuquerque, NM (MSCE, 2009)

J.T. O’Brien – Comparative Modeling of Rio Grande Overbank Flooding through Albuquerque’s North Valley Using HEC-RAS and FLO-2D (MSCE, 2008)

Clint Moore – Floodplain Mapping Using HEC-RAS and HEC-GeoRAS (MSCE, 2008)

Andrew Robertson - The Impact of Channel Morphology Modification on Surface/Ground Water Exchange in the Rio de las Vacas, NM  (MWR, 2008)

Alicia Paz-Solis – Development of a Water Education Module for Middle School Students under the Guidance of the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park and based on EPSCoR funded Research on Evapotranspiration along the Middle Rio Grande (MWR, 2007)

Alandren Etlantus - Comparison of Remote Sensing Methods to Estimate Evapotranspiration, Middle Rio Grande Riparian Corridor, New Mexico (MSCE, 2007)

Todd Marti  - Storm Water Best Management Practices and the Drop Flow Debris Filter (MSCE, 2007)

Andrew Funk - The Potential of Water Saving and Water Capturing Innovations: A Case Study of Albuquerque Single Family Homes (MWR, 2006)

Andres Martinez - Using Geographic Information Systems to Predict Changes in Water Quality due to Erosional Processes. (MWR, 2005)

Ann Demint – Integrating a GIS-produced, Reach-based Hydrologic Analysis into a Dynamic Surface Water Model of the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico (MWR, 2005)

Christy Jones Burton  - Spatial Water Balance of the Middle Rio Grande  (MSCE, 2005)

Stephen Kolk - Design of a Water Distribution System in a Remote Village, Honduras  (MWR,  2004)

Kerry Bassore - Developing Stormwater Management Plans for Bernalillo County Sub-Basins (MWR,  2003)

Carolyn Donnelly - Using Hydraulic Modeling to assist in Rio Grande Restoration  (MSCE,  2003, with distinction, Ford Motor Company Fellowship Recipient)

Cody Stropki - A Soil Compaction Study on the Effects of Restoration Treatments on the Soils in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque, NM   (MWR, 2003)

Nathaniel Todea - Estimating Runoff Using Nexrad Radar Data in Rural New Mexico (MSCE, 2003, NM AGEP student)

Mark VanEeckout - Integrating HEC-RAS and ArcView in predicting post wildfire 100-year floodplains on the Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos, New Mexico (MWR, 2002)

Orlando Romero - A Convective Thunderstorm Case Study in Albuquerque, New Mexico:  Does the Urban Heat Island Affect Precipitation?  (Masters of Water Resources (MWR,  2002)

Zhu Zhongqiang - Arsenic Contamination Assessment in Albuquerque, NM, Using GIS  (MSCE, 2001)

Lisa VanTassell - The Use of GIS Technology to Provide Guidance for the Design of Alternative Cover Systems   (MSCE, 1999, co-supervised with John Stormont)

Keith Reed -            Sanitary Sewer Collection System Modeling Using GIS in Albuquerque  (MS Civil Engineering (MSCE), 1999)

PhD Students

Jungseok Ho - Proposed Diversion Dam Effects on the Rio Grande, Physical and Finite Element Modeling (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2006)

Dianne McDonnell - Plant Physiology and Evapotranspiration in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque (Ph.D. Biology, 2006; co-supervised with Cliff Dahm, IGERT student)

Drew Baird - Field and Analytical Study of Turbulence in the Low Flow Conveyance Channel of the Rio Grande (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Spring, 2004)