Jerome Wm. Hall
Department of Civil Engineering
MSC01 1070 UNM
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Phone (505)277-1418; FAX (505)277-1988; Email

Harvey Mudd College , B.S., 1965 (Physics)
University of Washington, M.S., 1968 (Engineering)
University of Washington , Ph.D., 1969 (Civil Engineering)

University of New Mexico , Department of Civil Engineering, 1980-. Associate Professor, 1977-80.
Chairman, UNM Department of Civil Engineering, 1990-97; Assistant Dean of Engineering, 1985-88; Director, UNM Bureau of Engineering Research, 1981-88.
Associate Professor, 1973-77,
University of Maryland , Civil Engineering Dept; Assistant Professor, 1970-73.
Instructor, University of Washington, Department of Civil Engineering, 1969-70.

Institute of Transportation Engineers (
ITE ), Fellow Life
Transportation Research Board (
TRB ), Member, Committee Chairman, Panel Member, and Report Reviewer
American Road and Transportation Builder's Association (
Registered Professional Engineer (New Mexico, Virginia, D.C.)
Public Partnership Award for Science and Ethics,
Alliance for Transportation Research Institute , 1997
Lifetime Achievement Award, Western District ITE, 2006

UNM Traffic Control in Construction and Maintenance Areas (10), 1978-79; (11) 1984-88.
UNM Identification and Improvement of Hazardous Intersections (5), 1980.
UNM Basic Principles of Traffic Engineering (5), 1984-85, 1988.
UNM Pavement Markings Short Course (4), 1986-88.
AASHTO Highway Design Short Course, 1986, 1989, 1992, 1995.
UNM Metric Design Short Course (4), 1995-96; Elements of Geometric Design (3), 1997
Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering, annually, 1995- ;
ITS, UC, Berkeley.
UNM Traffic Engineering Characteristics, Studies, and Operations, 1996; (4), 1997; NMSHTD.
Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering, twice annually, 1998- ;
U Washington Educational Outreach, Seattle.
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, annually, 2002-; U Washington Educational Outreach, Seattle.
UNM AASHTO Policy on Geometric Design - Changes, 2002; NMDOT.
Traffic Operations Short Course, annually, 2003-; U Washington Educational Outreach, Seattle.

Engineering Ethics: Some Introductory Concepts, 9 offerings, 2006.

Engineering Ethics: Holding Safety Paramount, 4 offerings, 2007.

Engineers and Unethical Corporate Behavior, 3 offerings, 2008

Highway Safety Specialist; Office of the Deputy Administrator,
Federal Highway Administration 1971 (Summer).
Traffic Engineering Consultant; Wilson & Co. Engineers, Albuquerque, 1988-89, 1993-2000.

ARTBA Board of Directors, 2003-06 ; Research and Education Division, President, 2002; Director, 1998-2000.
Faculty Senate Curricula Committee, UNM, Chair, 2003-2006.
NCHRP 15-25, "Alternatives to Design Speed for Selection of Roadway Design Criteria," 2003-.
NCHRP 17-26, "Methodology to Predict Safety Performance of Urban and Suburban Arterials," 2002-.
National Research Council Panel "Guidance on Setting and Enforcing Speed Limits," 1997-98; published TRB Special Report 254 Managing Speed, 1998.
Chairman, NCHRP Panel G3-56, "Systemwide Impact of Safety and Traffic Operations Design Decisions for RRR Projects," 1995-99.
NCHRP Panel 17-14, "Improved Standards for Median Safety," 1995-2004.
International Director, ITE, 1993-95.
Chairman, TRB Group 3 Council (41 committees in the areas of Operation, Safety, and Maintenance), 1992-95.
TRB Committee on Operational Effects of Geometrics (A3A08), 1980-92; Chairman, 1986-92.
President, ITE District 6, 1989-90; Vice-President, 1988-89; Secretary-Treasurer, 1987-88.
Chairman, NCHRP Panel G3-42, "Determination of CostSafetyEffective Stopping Sight Distances," 1990-95; published NCHRP Report 400.
National Research Council Panel "Truck Access Study," 1988-89; published TRB Special Report 223 Providing Access for Large Trucks, 1989.
NCHRP Panel C22-8, "Justification of Performance Level Warrants for Barrier Design," 1988-94.
NCHRP Panel C22-6, "Roadside Safety Design for Small Vehicles", 1984-89; published NCHRP Report 318 Roadside Safety Design for Small Vehicles, May 1989.
NCHRP Project Panel G3-30, "Update the Highway Research Board's Special Report 74, Channelization", 1982-85; published NCHRP Report 279, November 1985.

Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering, 16th Ed, Homburger, Hall, Reilly, & Sullivan, 2007.
Severity Indices for Roadside Features, (Coauthor) NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice 202, NAS Press, 1994.
"Methods for Evaluating Highway Safety Improvements", (Coauthor), NCHRP Report 162.

"Truck Speeds and Accidents on Interstate Highways", TRB Record 486, 1974.
"Roadside Hazards on Non-freeway Facilities", TRB Record 601, 1976.
"Evaluation of Pedestrian Accidents Using Factor Analysis" (with Dickinson), TRB Record 605, 1976.
"Roadside Hazard Model", TRB Record 681, 1978.
"Characteristics of Overturning Crashes", TRB Record 757, 1980.
"Survey of Single Vehicle Fatal Rollover Crash Sites in New Mexico", TRB Record 819, 1981.
"Guardrail Installation and Improvement Priorities", TRB Record 868, 1982.
"Pedestrian Accidents on Rural Highways", TRB Board Record 904, 1983.
"Field Study of Rail-Highway Crossing Crash Sites", TRB Record 910, 1983.
"Low-Cost Countermeasures for Ameliorating Run-off-road Crashes", (Coauthor), TRB Record 926, 1983.
"Superelevation and Roadway Geometry: Deficiency at Crash Sites and on Grades", (Coauthor), TRB Record 1026, 1985.
"Using Accident Records to Prioritize Roadside Obstacle Improvements in New Mexico", (Coauthor), TRB Record 1047, 1985.
"Engineering Factors in Alcohol-Involved Traffic Accidents", ITE Journal, January 1986.
"Evaluation of Wide Edgelines", TRB Record 1114, 1987.
"Effects of Chevrons, Post-Mounted Delineators, and Raised Pavement Markers on Driver Behavior at Roadway Curves", (Coauthor), TRB Record 1114, 1987.
"Characteristics of Construction Zone Accidents", TRB Record 1230, 1989.
"Stopping Sight Distance--Can We See Where We Now Stand?", (with D. Turner), TRB Record 1208, 1989; recipient of the Chairman's Award for the best paper on Geometric Design.
"Rural Accident Rate Variations with Traffic Volume", TRB Record 1281, 1990.
"Effect of Intersection Congestion on Accident Rates", TRB Record 1376, 1992.
"Establishing Speed Limits on Low-Volume Roads", Sixth International Conference on Low-Volume Roads, TRB Conference Proceedings 6, Volume 2, June 1995.
"Development and Adoption of Early AASHO Design Criteria," (with D. Turner), TRB Record 1612, 1998; also on TRB CD-ROM, January 1998.
"Improving Pedestrian Safety on Rural Highways," (with Kondreddi and Brogan), TRB Poster presentation; also on TRB CD-ROM, January 2004.
"Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones," (with Morelli and Brogan), TRB Poster presentation; also on TRB CD-ROM, January 2006.

"The Influence of Large Trucks on Geometric Design," 23rd UNM Paving and Transportation Conference, January 1986.
"Safety Enhancement at Rural Intersections," Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Reno, July 1987.
"Accidents and Elderly Drivers," Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs, July 1988.
"Speed and Accident Changes Associated with the 65 mph Speed Limit in New Mexico," NSC Annual International Traffic Records Forum, El Paso, July 1989.
"The 1990 AASHTO Geometric Design Policy," 27th UNM Paving and Transportation Conference, January 1990.
"Highway Engineering Improvements to Accommodate Older Drivers," 60th Annual ITE Meeting, Orlando, 1990.
"Warrants for Flashing Beacons," Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Anchorage, July 1992.
"Establishing Speed Limits on Low Volume Roads," Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, July 1993.
"Traffic Flow Rates in Single, Constrained Lanes," Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Portland, July 1994.
"Traffic Sign Reflectivity," (with A. Gallegos), Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Fresno, July 1996.
"Controlling Speeds in New Mexico Work Zones," (with E. Wrage), Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, July 1997 (Selected as the meeting's outstanding paper).
"Evolution of Geometric Design Standards," (with D. Turner), 67th Annual ITE Meeting, Boston, 1997.
"Economic Benefit of Accident Reductions," 68th Annual ITE Meeting, Toronto, 1998.
"Managing Speed  Review of Current Practice for Setting and Enforcing Speed Limits," 78th Annual TRB Meeting, Washington, 1999.
"Traffic Signing Standards for Low-Volume Roads," Western District ITE Annual Meeting, San Diego, June 2000.
"Highway Safety Challenges on Low-Volume Rural Roads," (coauthor), Annual ITE Meeting, Seattle, 2003.
"Achieving Safety Benefits Sooner Rather than Later," Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Kalispell, MT, July 2005.
"The Interstate Highway System: 50 Years of Perspective," (coauthor), Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Honolulu, June 2006.

“Ethics and the Transportation Engineer,” (coauthor), Western District ITE Annual Meeting, Portland, July 2007.

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