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Welcome to the Web Page Design Home Page. This page provides an assortment of links to resources for beginning and intermediate web authors. The situation for web authors has changed a great deal since I learned how to write HTML two decades ago. If you are a beginning web author today, there are many web authoring software programs available. It is still good to know how to write HTML (a simple, text-based programming language used to build web pages), so that you can problem-solve when your pages don't display or operate as intended. You may discover that you ENJOY creating web pages from the ground up in HTML. The links below provide useful resources for those who want to learn how to do so.

WWW Resources for Web Authors

HTML Goodies
HTML Code Tutorial
Web Style Sheets Information / W3 Consortium (WC3)
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 HTML Information / W3 Consortium
The Computer Network (CNET)
HTML Writer's Guild
NCSA (at UIUC) National Supercomputing and Advanced Computing Center (When you're ready for the big time...)


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