Who was John Amos Comenius?

To learn more about the Orbis Pictus Sensualium (The Visible World in Pictures) and for an opportunity to see images from this remarkable text, see An Invitation to Wisdom and Learning by Professor Emeritus Ayers Bagley, University of Minnesota with a forward by Charles E. Thompson, Georgia State University.

Here is one page from the Orbis Pictus Sensualium: The Study - with English and Latin translations.

Many thanks to Professor Ayers Bagley for bringing the History of Education to life for his students, teachers, and the general public through visual representation and first-rate scholarship. This page (and much of my work in visual literacy, technology-enhanced post-secondary teaching, and visual data analysis) would not exist were it not for his influence. Professor Bagley has been the director of the Education Iconics Project at the University of Minnesota since 1976. I encourage you to explore the Virtual Museum of Education Iconics - a remarkable and enduring digital achievement!


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