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  • My alma mater, Occidental College: highlight was Oxy abroad in Cuernavaca, México, Spring 93.
  • Alburquerque High School
  • I also attended Washington Middle School & Reginald F. Chávez [Old Town] Elementary.

    Help us find our stolen furniture. Some bad guy stole our furniture from our front yard. We live in Alburquerque, New Mexico, SE part of town, near the airport (Girard & Gibson SE). Here is a photo of the stolen furniture. Large Green Bench with Straw seat. Rocking Chair (same type).

    family friends Any comments, suggestions, or helpful information, please send e-mail to: larranag@
  • "Todos somos americanos." Juan Fidel Larrańaga
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    I am a interested in Latino sites, Che info, Zapata[ista] info, ending racism
    Chávez & Tijerina