Physical Activity/Aging Online Assignment for 11/23

Online Reading/Self-Study Assignment:
No Class meeting on November 23:
Do the following online Assignment instead (90 pts)
Read the Osteoporosis Article By Dr. Kravitz and colleagues: CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE
Answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES.
Email your answers ( to Dr. Kravitz by Tuesday, November 24 for Full Point Credit (No late papers accepted)

1) Define osteoporosis (OP) (4 pts)
2) How many people are affected by OP-related fractures? (2 pts)
3) What is 'primary' OP? (4 pts)
4) Secondary OP is associated with four conditions. Explain these four conditions. (10 pts)
5) Which OP measurement technique can measure bone mineral density of the spine, proximal femur, forearm, and total body? (4 pts)
6) What are the non-modifiable OP risk factors? (5 pts)
7) What are the modifiable risk factors of OP? (5 pts)
8) In your own words, explain bone remodeling. (10 pts)
9) Explain Wolff's law. (4 pts)
10) Explain how does exercise improve bone health (two major ways)? (10 pts)
11) Explain the dietary, bone health relationship. (12 pts)
12) Use any reliable source (e.g., book, web site like WEB MD, or data-based journal article) to answer the following question: (20 pts)
A close friend of yours is concerned his/her grandparents (who are healthy, fairly active VPs) are susceptible to osteoporosis. Your friend knows you are taking Physical Activity and Aging at UNM this semester and considers you a reliable source to seek advise. Although there is no universal guidelines for osteoporosis exercise prescription (as the disease varies so much from person to person), using your best analysis of the literature develop a cardiovascular and resistance training program for your friend's grandparents. Explain why you chose the exercises in this plan.

Special Note: Your Observation Reports will be due on Monday's class on November 30!