How to Write a Cover Letter: Source
201 Winning Cover Letters by Wendy S. Enelow

What is a cover letter?
A cover letter is a grammatically correct one page (YES, just one page) well-worded communication that usually accompanies a resume or curriculum vita for a job opening. The cover letter allows you to showcase your qualifications, competencies and achievements related to the current position.

What is the objective of your cover letter?
Your main objective with the cover letter (and resume) is to get a personal interview.

What are the critical messages to communicate in a cover letter?
1. You are a strong candidate for the position with the right qualifications and experience.
2. The benefits you can bring to the employer.
3. A synopsis of your success accomplishments relating to this position.
4. Your ability to communicate through your letter.
5. Your dedication and determination to your career.
6. Your leadership and management competencies.
7. How well your abilities fit into the prospective employers needs and objectives.

Key Concept: Be dynamic, positive and distinctive in your letter. Do not allow yourself to sound arrogant and boisterous.

Five Critical Cover Letter Rules and Regulations to Live By
1. Cover letters need to complement your resume, not repeat it. Do not use the same exact wording from your resume in your cover letter.

2. Ask for an interview at the end of the letter. For example, “I look forward to meeting with you to pursue the Director of Fitness position.”

3. Clearly communicate who you are, the value you bring to an organization, and your core competencies, qualifications and achievements.

4. Try to communicate WHY you would be good for the job. Expand how your talents and abilities make you a great candidate for the job.

5. Presentation is immensely important with cover letters and resumes. Proof your spelling and grammatical structure very carefully. Send your cover letter and resume on the same type of paper.

Topics you may highlight in a cover letter:
Significant career achievements
Major projects and programs you have been a part of
Staff, school or community responsibilities you have had
Summary of skills you have related to job opening
Special education, training and classes you have taken
Leadership experience
Managerial experience
Foreign language skills
Experience (Internship experiences are so valuable here)
Computer proficiency
Professional commitment

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