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Sample Abdominal and Back Exercises

Long Lever Crunch: Lie on your back with your heels on a chair or bench. Keep knees at 90 degree angle and extend your arms over your head (covering your ears). Lift torso slowly off the ground while you PRESS your heels against the bench. Hold position at top of motion before lowering.
Lift and Rotate: This is a TWO-PART abdominal exercise. Lie on your back with your arms extended forward as if you were driving a car, or better yet, hold some type of resistance such as a ball. Place feet on the floor with heels comfortablly away from buttocks. Keep your arms straight above your shoulders. PART 1. Lift torso off the floor, extending arms towards the ceiling. PART 2.With the torso off the floor, rotate slowly from side to side. Important tip: make sure you rotate from your waist to optimize the challenge to your oblique muscles. Rotate from one side to the other side a few times and then lower.
Reverse Rotation: Lie on your stomach with a rolled-up towel directly under your navel. Spread your legs about shoulder width apart. With your hands behind your ears rotate your torso to one side by lifting your shoulder a few inches off the ground. HOLD. Lower slowly and lift the other shoulder off the floor a few inches and HOLD.
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