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Language Resources for Intercultural Bilingual Education (EIB)

From 1997 to 2001, I worked in a project called "Programa de Formación de Maestros Bilingües de la Amazonía Peruana" (FORMABIAP), a well known and recognized institution co-directed by the Indigenous Confederation of the Peruvian Amazon (AIDESEP) and the Ministry of Education through the "Instituto Superior Pedagógico Loreto". The project’s main objective is to train indigenous people from different Amazonian ethnic groups as bilingual teachers and to create culturally and linguistically appropriate school materials (some of which can be downloaded here). My primary contributions to the project include: research, teaching, and writing classroom materials especially for the Kukama-Kukamiria. At present I continue to participate in some of FORMABIAP'S specific projects, such as the production of classroom materials with the Secoya people, and raising awareness about language endangerement in the region.

Here is a list of some instructional materials in which I have participated whithin the institutional frame of FORMABIAP and through the Ministry of Education of Peru. I had an active role in the design, production, compilation and/or review of the following documents:

  • 2015 - Yapai kumitsa kukama-kukamiriapu: Texto para la enseñanza-aprendizaje del kukama-kukamiria como segunda lengua. Iquitos, Peru: Formabiap.
  • 2013 - Aido Pãi Toyae'ke: Guía para el uso del alfabeto secoya. Ministerio de Educación: Lima, Perú.
  • 2012 - Fonología y propuesta de alfabeto para la lengua secoya. Ministerio de Educación: Lima, Perú
  • 2007 - CONE: Texto de lectura bilingüe, secoya y castellano, Serie I.
  • 2006 - MIMI: Texto de lectura en secoya, Serie I. Details on the production of this material can be found here (in spanish)
  • 2005 - Programa de Diversificación Curricular para las Escuelas Primarias de la zona Pacaya-Samiria.
  • 2003 - Manual para el desarrollo de habilidades en castellano como segunda lengua.
  • 2003 - MARTIN PESCADOR: Texto de lectura en castellano, Serie II.
  • 2002 - Guía Metodológica para el desarrollo de competencias comunicativas en Kukama-Kukamiria como L2.
  • 1999 - CHUNAKI: Texto de Lectura en cocama-cocamilla.
  • 1998 - Programa Curricular Diversificado de Educación Primaria para los Pueblos Indígenas Amazónicos
  • 1999 - PICAFLOR: Texto de Lectura en castellano, Serie I.