USS Newport News   CA148
A Gallant Lady "You walked with me      
  And I with you
I saw you fall    
             And never rise again...
 ...from now on, forever more

West Pac 1972
Haiphong Harbor
A Memoir & A Prayer
USS NN Memorial
Picture Album
The Book

The Virtual Wall

They Were Asked to Go

You Are My Brother
You Are My Brother

USS Newport News Home Page
The Official site of the USS Newport News. Former crew members of the Newport News contribute time and resources to this site.  This is truly "a labor of love".
West Pac 1972
The call to war - not totally unexpected.
Haiphong Harbor Audio
An intrusion into the mouth of the enemy.  Our mission accurately named "Operation Lion's Den"
A Memoir and A Prayer
A look at the events of October 1, 1972 through my eyes.  Also, some interesting responses to this article.
Bio on the life of the USS Newport News
From the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.
USS NN Memorial
Chuck Zendner's tribute to all the men who died during their service aboard the USS Newport News.
In Memory Of

The USS Salem CA-139
Sister ship of the USS Newport News.
Picture Album
A look at some of my memories from my tour on the Newport News.
The Book
The 1972 NN West Pac cruise book. 
Shipmates'  Web Pages
Thunder in the Night
A book by Ray Kopp


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