Welcome to the Stone Lab

My team is focused on improving the balance between human society and the natural environment through research, teaching and service. Our research is focused on the interfaces between water resources engineering, aquatic ecology, fluvial geomorphology, and the social sciences.

Some of our team's recent grants:

7.23.2015 - US-EGYPT Workshop: Toward Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Development at the new Suez Canal region in Egypt, National Science Foundation
7.1.2015 - Open Channel Hydraulic Modeling to Support Engineering Design, Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority
1.21.2015 - U.S.-Nepal Research Planning Visit: Impacts of Climate on Rural Communities in the Gandaki River Watershed, Nepal, National Science Foundation
3.7.2014 - CREST Center for Water and the Environment, National Science Foundation
8.1.2013 - Collaborative Research: The Western Consortium for Watershed Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration (WC-WAVE), National Science Foundation
3.15.2013 -  CAREER: Evaluating the Impacts of River Engineering and Stream Restoration Projects on the Ecosystem Service of Floodwave Attenuation, National Science Foundation
8.1.2012 - Floodwave propagation and infiltration in desert regions: the Azraq Basin, Jordan, National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine
8.1.2011 -  BRIGE: Investigating the Influence of Riparian Vegetation on Floods, National Science Foundation

Graduates from our lab:
PhD in Engineering: Ryan Morrison and Lijuan Jia
MS in Civil Engineering: Aubrey Eckert-Gallup, Abdou Harrisou Nassam, Jeffrey Samson, Tyler Gillihan, Kareem Saint-Lott, Jacob Collison, Angela Gregory, and Kent Steinhaus
Masters of Water Resources: Sophie Stauffer

Current students:
PhD in Engineering: Colin Byrne, Angela Gregory, Lauren Jaramillo, Jacob Collison, and Jeffrey Samson
MS in Civil Engineering: Jourdan Adair, Jennifer Van Osdel, Kevin Scales, Savannah Martinez, Genna Slape, Amelia Symonds, David Forster
Masters of Water Resources: Breana Chavez, Chad Mickschl, Chris Babis, Raphael Perea
Masters in Community and Regional Planning: Zakia Afrin
BS in Civil Engineering: Sara Grado


Department of Civil Engineering
210 University BLVD NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 277-0115, stone@unm.edu