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Mug Shot TomSpin Name: Dr. Thomas E. Beach

Classes: Astronomy and CT/IT

UNM-LA Phone: 662-0347
Home Phone: 505-672-0249

UNM email:
Personal email:

Office Hours for Spring 2018: Wed. 12:00-1:50PM Office #623F
---If I'm not in 623F, check in 638 where I might be helping students.

Some Classes That I Teach at UNM-LA...

Pretty Spiral Galaxy Astronomy 101
is a 3 credit course covering:
  • Motions of the Sky
  • History of Astronomy
  • Telescopes & Spectra
  • Our Solar System
  • The Sun and other stars
  • Black holes and pulsars
  • Galaxies and quasars
  • The Universe and Big Bang

Astronomy 101L
is the 1 credit lab course including:

  • Using telescopes
  • Learning the constellations
  • Simulations with Voyager
  • Typical astro calculations

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