Amanda Boutz

Amanda completed her bachelor's degree in Biology at the University of New Mexico in 2010. Her current research addresses how pinon alters its aboveground allometric relationships, leaf area and leaf retention in response to rainfall extremes.

Alice Fretz

Ali completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at Goshen College (IN) in 2013. She is presently working on a study using pinon tree rings to assess responses to climate and drought.

Patrick Hudson

Patrick completed masters degrees at University of Nebraska - Omaha (paleobotany) and the University of Tennessee - Knoxville (physiological ecology) before joining the lab in summer 2010. Patrick's dissertation project is evaluating the hydraulic responses of pinon and juniper to rainfall extremes.

Diana Macias

Diana completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 2016 and joined the lab in Summer 2016.