Chine Then, China Now (calligraphy)

Han dynasty horse head

China Then and Now: Ceramics as a path to Chinese history and culture

Today, China looms large in America's field of vision. China's growing role in the world economy and world affairs is impossible to ignore. Through this online exhibit we hope to help New Mexicans (and others) gain an understanding of a civilization that, one way or another, increasingly affects their lives.

One way to understand China's present is to look at its past. In this exhibit we use Chinese ceramics as a path to a better understanding of Chinese culture, both ancient and modern. Many of the pieces you'll see online will be displayed in a gallery exhibit at the Maxwell Museum, between April 8, 2016 and September 2017. Almost all of the pieces come from a collection assembled by Albuquerque artist Eason Eige.

This online exhibit is being added to and changed, and your feedback is an important part of the process. Is there something you would like to know about a specific piece? Is there something you know, and wish to share? You can contact the exhibit curator by using the user feedback page, via the link in the left-hand menu.

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A Gallery of Chinese Ceramics
A Gallery of Chinese Ceramics

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Archaeology and History

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