Computational Genetics and Evolution @UNM

  • HCS.c – Heterogenous Cyclic Selection simulator. This C source code simulates evolutionary dynamics under heterogeneous cyclic selection in a subdivided population. Available at Dryad.
  • GS.c – Genomic Storage simulations. This code simulates evolutionary dynamics at a plasticity modifier and a target locus under periodic selection as described in Gulisija at al. (2016). Available as a supplement at Genetics.
  • RecombinationGS – This package contains C programs used to perform stability analysis (Jacob.c), frequency based (Recfreq.c) and individually based (IndRec.c) forward-in-time evolutionary simulations of recombination rate between the evolving plasticity and target locus under the genomic storage model presented in Gulisija and Plotkin (2017). Available on GitHub.
  • RapidPla.c – Evolution of phenotypic plasticity in a subdivided population. This C source code simulates evolutionary dynamics at the plasticity modifier locus in the case then adapted and maladapted demes exchange migrants. Available at GitHub.