Computational Genetics and Evolution @UNM

Davorka Gulisija, Assistant Professor


Davorka completed her PhD in Computational Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her postdoc in Mathematical Biology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Eve Rowland, PhD Student


Eve completed her BS in Zoology and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Florida and is pursuing a PhD in Biology at the UNM. She uses computational approaches to elucidate mechanisms of eco-evolutionary dynamics in the face of temporally changing environments. Please check out her web page.

Andisheh Dadashi, Visiting Assistant Professor


Andisheh completed her MS in Statistics and PhD in Computer Science at the UNM. While she is a tenure track faculty at UNM-Valencia, she collaborates with us. She develops computational approaches for studying dynamic complex systems.

Nawsheen Tarannum Promy, PhD Student


Nawsheen completed her BS in Computer Science at the Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Computer Science at the UNM. She is working on the evolution of plasticity and adaptation in migrating populations, and on the evolution of recombination rates and epistasis in temporally varying habitats. She enjoys traveling and collecting coins.

Mitchell Newberry, Research Assistant Professor


Mitchell develops mathematical and computational theory to understand how the evolutionary process produces form and function in biology and culture. He comes from a background in Physics, Biomathematics and Computation with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Check out his Google Scholar.

Adina Abudushalamu, PREP Scholar


Adina graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and Computer Science at UNM. She is examining the effects of epistasis on evolution in temporally varying environments. She is also interested in Medical Data Science and is looking into how data integration increases the power to detect pleiotropic genes in association studies. Adina loves to build code -- check out her Github.

Shweta Agarwal, MS Student


Shweta completed her BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. John’s College, Santa Fe. She is examining the evolution of phenotypic plasticity in response to environmental change.

Teresa Austin, Research Assistant


Teresa is a second-year Biology and Psychology major. She likes to read comics and spend time with her rabbits. She is currently working towards becoming a future physician's assistant and furthering her education in Genetics, Evolution, and Computational Biology.

Lauren Hartzell, Research Assistant


Lauren is a Chemistry and CS undergraduate interested in Genetics and Computational Biology. She is examining mechanisms of multi-locus balanced polymorphism in changing environments.

Xavier Larason, Research Assitant


Xavier is a second-year undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering, with interests in physics and computational biology. He is also interested in baseball and fitness and loves to spend time with his family. He is conducting theoretical research on the evolution of recombination rates in heterogeneous environments.

Katerina Johnson, MS Student


Katerina graduated with her BS in biology. She is currently pursuing a master's in biomedical engineering with a concentration in bioinformatics. When she is not studying, she enjoys spending time with her dog Moose.

Juliet Mae B. Du-mep-nas, ROSE Scholar


Juliet teaches high school in Shiprock, New Mexico. She joined the ROSE Program because she wanted to experience and learn about computational biology research that she could share with her class. She earned a bachelor's degree in secondary education at Benguet State University and is currently pursuing an MA in Science Education at Don Mariano Marcos State University in the Philippines.



Andisheh Dadashi, PhD, 2024.
Adina Abudushalamu, Honors Thesis - Magna Cum Laude, 2024.
Ramsey Felis, ROSE Scholar, 2023.
Bryce Roberts, Honors Thesis - Summa Cum Laude, 2021.