Financial Services Resources

Reduction/Elimination of Services Provided by Financial Services (October 2010)

Financial Services Contact Information
Contact - Purchasing for Assistance with:Contact Information
PCard PCard
Vendor Maintenance Vendor Maintenance
All other Purchasing Processes Purchasing
Contact Accounts Payable for Assistance with:Contact Information
Non Payroll Disbursements Accounts Payable
Non Financial Aid Disbursements Accounts Payable
Payments on Purchase Orders Accounts Payable
Payments on DP-EZ forms Accounts Payable
Contact - Unrestricted Accounting, Main for Assistance with:Contact Information
Reimbursements UA, Main
Travel UA, Main
Journal Entries UA, Main
Account Codes UA, Main
Contact - Restricted Accounting, HSC for Assistance with:Contact Information
Reimbursements C&G, HSC
Travel C&G, HSC
Journal Entries C&G, HSC
Account Codes C&G, HSC
Contact - Restricted Accounting, Main for Assistance with:Contact Information
Reimbursements C&G, Main
Travel C&G, Main
Journal Entries C&G, Main
Account Codes C&G, Main
Contact HSC Budget & VP Administration for Assistance with:Contact Information
Budget Entries, HSC 272-3500
NSF Issues, HSC 272-3500
Fund Balance Categorization, HSC 272-3500
Contact Office Planning and Budget Analysis Main & Branches for Assistance with:Contact Information
Budget Entries 277-6465
NSF Issues 277-6465
Fund Balance Categorization 277-6465
Contact - Inventory Control for Assistance with:Contact Information
Tracking of Equipment Inventory Control
Capital Equipment Inventory Control
Contact - UNM Taxation for Assistance with:Contact Information
Payments to Foreign Nationals UNM Taxation
Governmental Gross Receipts Tax UNM Taxation
Contact - Finance Systems Management for Assistance with:Contact Information
Create & Maintain Chart of Accounts Elements (Questions on how to set up your indexes should be directed to the appropriate Restricted or Unrestricted Accounting office) FSM
Department Transactions Feeds FSM
Finance Approval Queue Maintenance FSM
Finance Reporting Enhancements Reporting Request Form
Finance Reporting Issues Financial Services Resources
Finance Security FSM
Additional InformationSee
Financial Services, Main Controller Administration Financial Services, Main
Financial Services, HSC Financial Services, HSC
All other inquires, send an email to: Financial Services Resources

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  • Has my invoice been paid?

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Finance Self Service

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