L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
May, 2015 Series Schedule    
Date Presented
2015 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
August 2015 PCard Special Exceptions & Workflow Explained Presentation
May 2015 Test Your Knowledge Presentation
Date Presented
2014 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
November 2014 Test Your Knowledge Presentation
September 2014 PCard Workflow & Process Changes Presentation
August 2014 Cash Management & Money Lists Presentation
June 2014 Index Recon Handout Presentation
April 2014 Financial Interactions-UNMH, SRMC and UNMMG Presentation
January 2014 MyReports Reporting Tool Handout Presentation
Date Presented
2013 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
September 2013 MyReports Reporting Tool Handout Presentation
August 2013 Effort Certification N/A Presentation
August 2013 Effort Certification Training N/A Presentation
May 2013 Purchasing Changes N/A Presentation
February 2013 Key Account Codes N/A Presentation
Date Presented
2012 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
December 2012 Contracts and Grants HSC N/A Presentation
December 2012 Contracts and Grants Main Campus N/A Presentation
January 2012 Travel Per Diem Participant Guide N/A Presentation
Date Presented
2011 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
October 11th DPI Processing-The Reviewer's Perspective N/A Presentation
Date Presented
2010 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
November 8th & 9th Setting up a Grant File Manual Presentation
October 11th & 14th Handling Travel Expenses N/A Presentation
September 13th & 14th Self Service for Labor Redistributions and More N/A Presentation
August 9th & 10th
Revised 11/2011
UNM Chart of Accounts Hierarchy N/A Presentation
July 19th & 20th
Updated 11/2011
Prior Fiscal Year JV's Manual Presentation
June 15th & 16th Understanding positions in Banner and UNM Jobs N/A Presentation
April 12th & 13th Fiscal Year end Close & Accruals Manual Presentation
February 15th & 16th Labor Redistribution Process *NEW* with Banner 8   Presentation
Date Presented
2009 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
November 9th Financial Interactions Hospital and UNM Manual Presentation
Sept 28th & 29th Accounting for State Appropriations Manual Presentation
July 13th & 29th
Updated 10/2011
Working with Changes in Reserves (account 1903) on Unrestricted Indices Manual Presentation
June 8th Advanced Index Reconciliation Payroll Manual Presentation
March 9th Understanding Endowed & Non Endowed Spending Indices Manual Presentation
February 9th
Updated 11/2011
Avoiding NSF Through Appropriate Budgeting Manual Presentation
Date Presented
2008 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
December 12th Account Code Primer   Presentation
November 10th Intermediate Index Reconciliation Manual Presentation
October 13th Grant Closeouts Manual Presentation
July 14th,
Updated 11/2011
JV Guidelines for Reserves, Allocation and Transfer Entries Manual Presentation
July 14th Purchasing Presentation   Presentation
May 12th Index Reconciliation Fundamentals Manual Presentation