L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
August, 2014 Series Schedule    
Date Presented
2014 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
June 2014 Index Recon Handout Presentation
April 2014 Financial Interactions-UNMH, SRMC and UNMMG Presentation
January 2014 MyReports Reporting Tool Handout Presentation
Date Presented
2013 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
September 2013 MyReports Reporting Tool Handout Presentation
August 2013 Effort Certification N/A Presentation
August 2013 Effort Certification Training N/A Presentation
May 2013 Purchasing Changes N/A Presentation
February 2013 Key Account Codes N/A Presentation
Date Presented
2012 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
December 2012 Contracts and Grants HSC N/A Presentation
December 2012 Contracts and Grants Main Campus N/A Presentation
October 2012 PCard Workflow and Labor Redistributions in Self Service Update N/A Presentation
September 2012 How to Find, Ready & Interpret your IT Invoice N/A Presentation
June 2012 Odds and Ends N/A Presentation
February 2012 Exporting Finance Data to Excel N/A Presentation
January 2012 Travel Per Diem Participant Guide N/A Presentation
Date Presented
2011 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
December 7th & 8th Travel Per Diem Changes N/A Presentation
October 11th DPI Processing-The Reviewer's Perspective N/A Presentation
May 17th & 18th Year End Close-How to Aoid Year End Problems N/A Presentation
Date Presented
2010 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
November 8th & 9th Setting up a Grant File Manual Presentation
October 11th & 14th Handling Travel Expenses N/A Presentation
September 13th & 14th Self Service for Labor Redistributions and More N/A Presentation
August 9th & 10th
Revised 11/2011
UNM Chart of Accounts Hierarchy N/A Presentation
July 19th & 20th
Updated 11/2011
Prior Fiscal Year JV's Manual Presentation
June 15th & 16th Understanding positions in Banner and UNM Jobs N/A Presentation
May 10th & 18th Safety in Numbers Manual Presentation
April 12th & 13th Fiscal Year end Close & Accruals Manual Presentation
March 13th & 14th Odds, Ends & Acronyms Manual Presentation
February 15th & 16th Labor Redistribution Process *NEW* with Banner 8   Presentation
Date Presented
2009 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
November 9th Financial Interactions Hospital and UNM Manual Presentation
October 26th & 27th
Updated 11/2011
Hyperion and Banner ePrint Reports or Manual Presentation
Sept 28th & 29th Accounting for State Appropriations Manual Presentation
August 10th & 25th Purchasing Presentation Manual  
July 13th & 29th
Updated 10/2011
Working with Changes in Reserves (account 1903) on Unrestricted Indices Manual Presentation
June 8th Advanced Index Reconciliation Payroll Manual Presentation
March 9th Understanding Endowed & Non Endowed Spending Indices Manual Presentation
February 9th
Updated 11/2011
Avoiding NSF Through Appropriate Budgeting Manual Presentation
January 12th Effort Certifications Manual Presentation;
Date Presented
2008 L*E*A*R*N* Series Presentation
December 12th Account Code Primer   Presentation
November 10th Intermediate Index Reconciliation Manual Presentation
October 13th Grant Closeouts Manual Presentation
August 11th How to Find, Read and Audit your ITS Invoice   Presentation
July 14th,
Updated 11/2011
JV Guidelines for Reserves, Allocation and Transfer Entries Manual Presentation
July 14th Purchasing Presentation   Presentation
June 9th Travel and Food Reimbursements Manual Presentation
May 12th Index Reconciliation Fundamentals Manual Presentation