Book Cover Media Management
in the Age of Giants


Second Edition published in July 2012
by University of New Mexico Press

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2004 Nominee for the Robert Picard Award in the Media Management and Economics Division, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication


An edition in Simplified Chinese to be issued soon by a Chinese publisher
Updated Second Edition by University of New Mexico Press, July 2012
E-book of second edition at, July 2012
Print-on-Demand edition by Wiley-Blackwell, 2009-2011
E-book edition at, 2008-2011

Foreign edition by Surjeet Publications of Delhi, India, 2005
First edition by Iowa State Press/Blackwell Publishing, 2003

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This site will be maintained by the author as a companion to the printed book, with updated news developments in media management, a collection of case studies not found in the book and other related information. Faculty, students, or on-the-job media managers who have questions about the book or the site are welcome to the author.

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