Book Cover Media Management
in the Age of Giants


Second Edition published in July 2012
by University of New Mexico Press

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Journalism Resources

Press Hat Media Management BLOG
New York Times Online Resources (NYT)
Journalism Research Resources (University of New Mexico)
Journalism Research Resources (University of Iowa)
"Media Management in the Age of Giants" (textbook)


The reader American Journalism Review
Columbia Journalism Review
Media Beat weekly column
Editor & Publisher
Media Central's
Advertising Age
PR Week
Radio Ink Magazine
The Guild Reporter (The Newspaper Guild)
Future of Print Media Journal
Extra! (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting)
Presstime Magazine (Newspaper Assoc. of America)
The American Editor (American Society of Newspaper Editors)
Today's News (Freedom Forum)  
NewsInc. (Cole Group)  
Poynter Update (Poynter Institute)  
Jim Romenesko's Media News (Poynter)


Project for Excellence in Journalism
American Press Institute
Society of Professional Journalists
The Freedom Forum

Poynter Institute


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