Book Cover Media Management
in the Age of Giants


Second Edition to be published in July 2012
by University of New Mexico Press

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Online Case Studies

In addition to case studies provided in the book, these additional case studies are offered online.

In the book there are also case studies written by the following educators:

William A. Babock, California State University
Glenda R. Balas, University of New Mexico
Thomas L. Beell, Iowa State University
Ben Berger, University of New Mexico
Hugh S. Fullerton, Sam Houston State University
Louisa Ha, Bowling Green State University
Dennis F. Herrick, University of New Mexico
Linda Kay, Concordia University
Bill Kezziah, University of Nebraska
William Kovarik, Radford University
Robert G. Picard, Jönköping University
Leslie-Jean Thornton, State University of New York


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