Graduate Opportunities

No funded Research Assistantships at this time.

Prospective graduate students: Choosing a place to pursue graduate studies is a difficult decision. UNM Biology offers an outstanding program in ecology where many students will find that they not only fit into a particular lab but where they have shared interests with faculty and students from several other labs creating a broad learning environment. My lab occupies shared space with the Hanson and Litvak labs. As a result, faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates studying related topics from the cellular to ecosystem scale share space and can learn from each other. I welcome inquiries from those interested in pursuing graduate study in plant physiological ecology, water relations and aspects of ecosystem ecology. Students can work on ongoing projects or initiate their own research projects tailored to their own particular interests. UNM is well situated for studies located in a variety of biomes. In particular, the Sevilleta LTER is an outstanding resource for field studies. I encourage those interested to contact me directly, talk with present members of the lab and/or arrange a campus visit so that you are able to make a well-informed decision about what life is like in my lab, the Biology Department, UNM and the Albuquerque area.