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Mug Shot Name: Dr. Thomas E. Beach

Classes: Astronomy, Math, and CT/IT

UNM-LA Phone: 662-0347
Home Phone: 505-672-0249

UNM email:
Personal email:

Office Hours for Fall 2016: M&W 2:00-3:00PM T&Th 5:00-5:50PM Office #623F
---If I'm not in 623F, check in 639 where I might be helping students.

Some Classes That I Teach at UNM-LA...

Pretty Spiral Galaxy Astronomy 101
is a 3 credit course covering:
  • Motions of the Sky
  • History of Astronomy
  • Telescopes & Spectra
  • Our Solar System
  • The Sun and other stars
  • Black holes and pulsars
  • Galaxies and quasars
  • The Universe and Big Bang

Astronomy 101L
is the 1 credit lab course including:

  • Using telescopes
  • Learning the constellations
  • Simulations with Voyager
  • Typical astro calculations


I'm a fan of Macintosh computers.

If you have questions about the Macs
at UNM-LA, ask me.

I teach the following Mac classes:

CT125 Introduction to Macintosh

  • Learn to use the Macintosh operating system
  • Learn about Mac hardware and terminology
  • Hands-on intro to a wide variety of Mac software
    • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
    • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
    • Simple Graphics
    • Web Publishing (Dreamweaver)
    • and more

I also teach classes on the PC, including...

CT102 Introduction to Microcomputers on the PC

  • 4 credit course
  • Intro to the basics of microcomputer operating systems and hardware
  • Learn to use the Windows operating system
  • Hands-on, in-depth introductions to:
    • Word Processing, using Microsoft Word
    • Spreadsheets, using Microsoft Excel
    • Databases, using Microsoft Access
  • Brief introduction to Internet software: Web browsers and E-mail.

CS150L Computing for Business Students

  • 3 credit course
  • Taught at same time as CT102 (above) covering same content
  • You may need to be in this class instead of CT102 depending on your degree requirements or transfer plans, since this clas transfers more readily to other institutions


MATH 121 College Algebra

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