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October 17, 2010  Project  -

Personal Icon or Inspiration 

Leila Hall      Gaye Garrison     Rod Groves  

 Jeff Potter             Jaci Fischer      Fred Yost         Elaine  Scott     Betsy Greenlee












Plein Air 2006







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 Betsy Greenlee

"My interpretation of personal icon was a motif that I've used repeatedly in my art--in this case, anthropomorphic trees."

  Stage 1

  Stage 2

  Stage 3

Jeff Potter

Stage 1

"Inspiration Self-Portrait"  oil pastel + oil on linen

Stage 2

"Looking Glass as Icon" Collage Study

  Stage 3

"Looking Glass as Icon into my pursuits" oil on linen

      Stage 4

"Failed monotype transfer using acrylic + Photoshop abstraction"

Elaine Scott

"The Absurdity of the square & the round hole" acrylic

"Color Wheel EYE-CON" acrylic

   Jaci Fischer

"Iowa Corn" pastel     


"Zovar, my Horse" pastel

"Fischer" pastel

Fred Yost

"Math from Lituus" encaustic

"Math from Lotka and Volterra" encaustic

"J & F" encaustic

Gaye Garrison "I am attracted to bright colors and the more the merrier. It seemed only natural to show that my love for color takes different creative paths - the thread and pins represent my stitching (I used to be a doll maker) and the crayons and pastels represent my earliest sticks of color and my mature version. Gotta get my hands on lots of colors!"


"Colors" pastel 

Rod Groves  "the first is a somewhat abstracted painting of the artists as a painter, the second an even more abstract treatment of the subject, and the third a non-representational painting inspired by the same subject (very loosely). "

Stage 1 "Self Portrait" acrylic

Stage 2 "Self Portrait" acrylic

Stage 3 "Abstraction" acrylic

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