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December 5, 2010  Project  -


Leila Hall      Gaye Garrison     Rod Groves  

 Jeff Potter             Jaci Fischer     Fred Yost      

Elaine  Scott     Betsy Greenlee











Plein Air 2006







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 Betsy Greenlee "My understanding of the project was that we were to develop images that gave equal importance to the negative space. The images I brought were solarplate prints made this year from photos taken with a pinhole camera during an eclipse 15 or more years ago. Because the positive shapes are in silhouette, almost by definition the negative areas are more interesting.
       Eclipse 1 is a plate printed on Rives BFK. The interest in the background comes almost entirely from the shapes created by the branches of the silhouetted bush.

In Eclipse 2 I decided to print the image on a piece of wrapping paper which was simultaneously glued to the BFK support paper (a process called chine colle').

I felt the visual texture on the wrapping paper would add interest to the negative areas.







Eclipse 3 also uses chine colle', but instead of an overall pattern I chose an area of the wrapping paper that was organized geometrically with the idea that, in addition to adding textural interest to the negative areas, it would suggest some spatial complexity as well. (Incidentally, there was a problem with the exposure of this plate, resulting in areas that did not bite well and therefore did not print intensely black; but for the purposes of this project, I decided I liked that effect. If the image had printed uniformly, the positive areas might have been so dominant that the more subtle effects in the background would have been lost.)"

Jeff Potter "Using a series of photos I was fortunate to take at the future WHEELS Museum south of downtown Albuquerque  - I pursued "negative space" behind broken windows, structural beams, etc. in the old Locomotive repair shop for the BNSF railyard.  These are all oil on linen and each painting is about 5.5" x 7.5" in dimension"

"Upward Windows"

"Inward Windows"

"Upward Lattice"

"Inward Lattice"


Rod Groves  "The first painting of the Kachina doll was an effort to let the negative space define the painting.

In the second painting, "Negative, Positive", I first proceeded in the same manner but then after our discussion of foreground, middle ground, background, I sought to develop the positive abstract areas to play with the distance dimension."






Leila Hall  ""



Elaine Scott "I started out by drawing the positive images from a photo and then filling in the negative space.  Oil on linen pad

Next I painted the negative spaces using oil pastel on 9"X12" translucent Yupo paper.







Once I did the negative spaces I used red in the positive spaces.
This was done  with oil pastel on 9X12'' translucent Yupo paper  









I then used oil pastels on 9X12" translucent Yupo by painting in the negative spaces."

   Jaci Fischer

"Chair" pastel     

Fred Yost 

"Carretta" charcoal












 "Rodin" solarprint + charcoal

"Trees" pastel

Gaye Garrison  "The concept of 'negative space' was introduced to me in college. This exercise was done using a photograph that appeared in our local paper several years back. The action of the dancers (even though they were standing still) captured me. In doing the negative space project, I discovered some interesting things going on in the background: colors, shapes, variations. Don't know if I actually captured the concept, but my 5 year old granddaughter knew exactly what the open shapes represented: 'ballerinas!' That, to me, is a sign of success."


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