Experimental Collaboration  and Interaction with fellow artists

May 22, 2011  Project  -

More Fracturing / Fragmentation - any medium

Leila Hall      Gaye Garrison     Rod Groves  

 Jeff Potter     Jaci Fischer     Fred Yost     

Elaine  Scott     Betsy Greenlee 











Plein Air 2006







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May 22, 2011 Project - repeat of "fractured" with push towards abstraction

Gaye Garrison

 Fractured Feathers. PASTEL   reference photo below

Rod Groves

 "Broken Arch" acrylic 

  Leila Hall    

"San Andreas Fault" pastel


 Betsy Greenlee    

"Phases of the Moon"  It's a collage of pieces torn from screen prints I made in art school.


Jeff Potter 

"Raven in snowy ponderosa tree."  I started with a complex photo and tried to use trompe l'oeil and abstraction of color and exaggeration of lines to hide the raven.  It is collage + acrylic.

Elaine Scott

"Broken Fragmented Teapot is a collage composed of two separate paintings done in oil & oil pastel & then using oil pastel."

"Broken Fragmented Teapot  II"

  Jaci Fischer    

"Rotating Coffee Pot" pastel 


Fred Yost

" Dark Room" collage + encaustic + handmade paper

Next meeting is Sunday, July 3rd at 1 PM.  Project - Design Simplicity: Think Motherwell, Kline, Rothko. A simply designed piece (drawing, painting, print) that elicits elegance. The size should be 18" x 24" or larger.

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