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Jeff painting the Organ Mountains on November 29, 2008    Plein Air Works done from 2004 through 2009

Escalante, Utah 2009 Photos and Paintings


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I did 5 paintings over 4 splendid days around Escalante with near perfect weather.  Here are the thumbnails which you can click on to see a larger image.

My pastel "Escalante Sandstone Patterns" won 3rd Place Award and was sold during the Silent Auction for $ 335.  It was a 9" x 12" pastel done on Wallis paper and was a blast to do as I hurried to capture the retreating shadows.  Here is a thumbnail.  Click to view the larger image.   The oil painting I entered in the competition ("Escalante Canyons Shadows" oil 16" x 20")  represents my most bold oil to date with lots of color and the use of complimentary color underpainting, which interestingly I did on all 5 paintings this week.  It represents a new approach which gives me more confidence.  

  "Escalante Sandstone Patterns" pastel 9" x 12"      

"Escalante Canyons Shadows" oil 16" x 20"

Here are the other three paintings I did

"Looking Into the Circle Cliffs From Boulder Mountain" pastel 8" x 11"

"Under the Circle Cliffs" pastel 9" x 6" (This also SOLD)






"Boulder Canyon Shadows" oil 11" x 14"

Plein Air is a popular trend in art lately.  The term in French means "in open air" and is best described as smaller paintings done entirely outdoors. The artist transports their art supplies to the site and he/she then tries to capture the scene quickly before the light conditions change.  The photos below are works I did in the Escalante Canyons Working Art Festival in September 2008.  For more detail about this recent adventure, be sure to click here.

Sandstone Drama a plein air oil painting by Jeff Potter AVAILABLE    Dry Slot Hollow Towards Navajo Mtn plein air pastel by Jeff Potter  SOLD      Escalante Utah Wagon plein air pastel by Jeff Potter  SOLD     Escalante Valley View West plein air pastel by Jeff Potter AVAILABLE



Below are other  plein air works of mine.  Click on the image below to view a larger image.  Use your browser's BACK  to return here      

Plein Air watercolor of Castle Creek Autumn by Jeff Potter - AVAILABLE
Chiricahua Mountain View near Portal, AZ - plein air oil painting by Jeff Potter AVAILABLE

 Escalante Canyon plein air pastel by Jeff Potter - AVAILABLE        
Plein Air oil of Fruita, Utah farming relics by Jeff Potter AVAILABLE

Plein air pastel of a summer monsoon storm in the Manzano East mountains SOLDPlein Air pastel from an area with striking colored hills AVAILABLE


Plein Air oil painting at Devils Garden formations at Grand Staircase / Escalante National Monument AVAILABLE

Cerro La Jara in Valles Caldera, Plein Air Pastel by Jeff Potter  SOLD Torrey Breaks plein air pastel by Jeff Potter SOLD  Arkansas River Shadows -  plein air pastel by Jeff Potter AVAILABLE




Clearing Storm, Sandia Mountains plein air oil by Jeff Potter SOLDCliffs at Grand Staircase plein air pastel by Jeff Potter AVAILABLE

3 hour stage of West Zion View pastel - click to see finished work AVAILABLE

Escalante Utah Wagon plein air pastel by Jeff Potter  SOLD

Burr Trail View - plein air oil painting by Jeff Potter SOLD


San Juan River from Simon Point - pastel done en plein air by Jeff Potter SOLD


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Escalante Canyons Arts Festival

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