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October 2 and November 13 2011  Projects

"Openings" parts 1 & 2

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Plein Air 2006







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October 2, 2011 Project  - the many possible meanings of Opening:
breach, aperture, beginning, opportunity, occasion, loop hole, chink, cleft, crack and cranny fissure, rent, rift, vent, mouth, key hole, worm hole, slot, spilt, outlet, pot hole, pore, cavity fracture, rupture, sundering, severance, peep hole, button hole, void, notch



 Betsy Greenlee  

 When I lived in Ann Arbor I haunted a place called Treasure Mart, which just always had interesting stuff. I found two of these wooden trays with holes cut out--I think they were probably some high school shop project. For this one I used things I've found on my walks in NM and tried to make each opening work as an abstract composition.

Jeff Potter 

"Silent City at Bryce Canyon" 18" x 24" acrylic painting collage

On my recent trip to southern Utah I was captivated by the Silent City area where fins of eroding pink rock were succumbing to erosion, and even more interesting were formation of holes or windows.

Gaye Garrison


"Opening (as a noun)" pastel

"Opening (as a verb)" pastel

"Opening" window - pastel

Fred Yost

"Side Door Twilight " oil painting

Rod Groves

"  " acrylic with mesh

" Bosque Window " acrylic

  Leila Hall

"View of Puebla" pastel

"Through the Barn Door" pastel

Elaine Scott


"Blue Window" acrylic

"Eye of the Universe" mixed media

  Jaci Fischer    



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 OPENINGS  Continuation - Sunday, November 13th

Project - Openings II




Leila Hall  


"Dawn to Night I"  pastel

"Dawn to Night II"  pastel

"Eggs in Jeopardy" pastel


Jeff Potter  I recently was hiking and stumbled upon an abandoned homestead near Magdalena, NM, with a deteriorating roof and lost windows, hence many versions of openings.

"Blue door shadows" oil on linen 8" x 12"

"Window through window view" oil on linen 12" x 8"

Rod Groves

"Apertures" acrylic

"Opening up Warhol" acrylic


Elaine Scott

"Tarantula shadow openings" pastel

"Geodesic Dome construction openings" pastel

"Geodesic Dome openings" Mixed media- Fused Glass & Acrylic


Betsy Greenlee    

"Antelope Canyon" acrylic

  Jaci Fischer    

"Garden Spheres" ceramics


Fred Yost

"Pueblo Sunset" oil


Gaye Garrison

"Self Portrait" pastel

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