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Palabras y Frases Útiles (Useful Words and Phrases)
Español-Inglés (Spanish-English)

Inglés-Español (English-Spanish)

abrigo, (m) rock shelter (if in context of natural formations).

acanalado, (adj.) fluted (for projectile points).

arte rupestre, rock art.

bajareque, (m) daub (as in "wattle and daub").

bifacial, (m), biface.

bulbo, (m), bulb (flaked stone).

calabaza, (f), squash or gourd.

cancha de pelota, (f) ball court.

casa acantilado, (f) cliff dwelling. casa en foso, pit house, pithouse.

cazador-recolector, (m) hunter-gatherer.

cimiento, (m) bulding foundation consisting of a line of cobbles laid on edge and end-to-end.

desgrasante, (m) temper (used in ceramic production).

engobe, (m) clay slip (used in ceramic production).

entierro, (m) burial. entierro extendido, extended burial. entierro flexionado, flexed burial.

excavación, (f) excavation. excavar, to excavate, to dig.

fase, (f) phase.

flecha, (f) arrow.

fogata, (f), see horno.

hacha, (f) axe. hacha (f) de garganta (f), grooved axe (literally, "axe with a throat").

horno, (m) in Oasis America, a roasting pit. The term "horno" is also used in English language publications, especially for the large, formal roasting pits of southern Arizona.

lasca, (f) flake (from flintknapping).

lasqueador, (m) flintknapper.

mano, (f) mano (hand-held upper milling stone). mano de mortero, pestle.

metate, (m) metate, nether stone (lower milling stone, fixed during use). metate plano, slab metate.

monofacial, (noun, m) uniface, (adj.) unifacial.

muesca, (f) notch (in a flaked stone artifact).

navaja, (f) blade (from flintknapping).

núcleo, (m) core (from flintknapping).

patrón (m) de asentamiento, settlement pattern.

pedúnculo, stem (of a projectile point). pedúnculo contraído, contracting stem.

percutor, (m) hammer, hammerstone (in flintknapping).

petroglifo, (m) petrolgyph (engraved rock art).

pictografía, (f) pictograph (painted rock art).

preforma, (f) preform.

punta de flecha, (f) arrow point, arrowhead. punta (f) de proyectil (m), projectile point.

raspador, (m) scraper.

reconocimiento, (m) reconnaissance or survey.

retocar, (verb) retouch; retoque, (m) retouch.

rugoso, (adj.) stucco coat (in relation to Yuman ceramics; see Porcayo 2009).

sello (m) cilíndrico, roller stamp, cylinder seal.

saqueador, (m) looter.

sobrepasada, (f) overshot flake.

tallado (m) de piedra (f), flintknapping.

táscate, (m) juniper.

tepalcate, potsherd, (m) sherd.

tumba, (f) tomb. tumba de tiro, shaft tomb.

vidriado, (adj.) glazed.

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