Archaeology and Prehistory of Northwest Mexico: A "Rough Essay"

David Phillips

Preface and Index

In 1764, Juan Nentvig prepared the original Rudo Ensayo, on what is now Sonora and Arizona. The current essay, on a larger portion of arid North America, is revised and expanded from one published in 1989, now horribly out of date (Phillips 1989). References provided in the linked bibliography are indicated by parentheses. Other references cited in this essay are indicated by square brackets and are included in the "Additional References Cited." If a translation is unattributed, I am the translator. Overcoming "roughness" will depend, in large part, on the willingness of readers to contribute to the process.

Some useful words and phrases:
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The Natural Setting

Paleoindian Period

Archaic-Early Agricultural Period

Northern Durango and Southern Chihuahua

Northwest Chihuahua: Defining the Casas Grandes Culture

The Greater Casas Grandes Region

Central Chihuahua

Northeast Chihuahua: The Jornada Mogollon Area

Southeast Chihuahua

Southwest Chihuahua

North Coastal Sinaloa and South Coastal Sonora

West Flank of the Sierra Madre Occidental

Central Coast of Sonora: The Seri Area

The Trincheras Area

Northwest Sonora

Historical Archaeology

Additional References Cited

Addendum: Chronology of Early Archaeological Research

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