Archaeology of Northwest Mexico:
A Review

David Phillips

Special Section: Traditional Farming near Yécora.

The following photographs show traditional farming in the foothills of southern Sonora (southern Zone 2), near Yécora, in the 1970s. Copyright and other information can be found at the end of the web page.

Missing image: 2007.80.38 Missing image: 2007.80.40

Hillside swidden fields near Yécora. Left: field on far slope. Right: close-up of newly cleared field. Note brush fence to keep out livestock. Photos by D. Phillips. Maxwell Museum Cat. Nos. 2007.80.38 (left), 2007.80.40(right).

Missing image: 2007.80.44

Plowing a field in a narrow valley bottom. Note the live stream in the lower left of the photo. Swidden fields (in various stages of regeneration) are evident on the slope above the plowed field. Photo by D. Phillips. Maxwell Museum Cat. No. 2007.80.44.

Missing image: 2007.80.45

A plowed valley bottom, showing the rocks left in the field. Photo by D. Phillips. Maxwell Museum Cat. No. 2007.80.45.

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