Contact: hdls

Call for papers (closed)

Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.

Abstracts may be submitted in any of the three languages of the conference, i.e. English, Spanish, or American Sign Language (ASL).

Written abstracts may be no longer than 500 words, not including references and figures, and must be submitted as a .pdf with 12pt font.

Signed abstracts should be uploaded to a secure, private location (such as Google Drive), with a link submitted in lieu of a full written submission, and must be no longer than four minutes.

Each abstract must be anonymous (signed abstracts should not include the presenter's name or affiliation).

Each applicant may submit: no more than one (1) single-author abstract; and no more than one (1) co-authored abstract, which includes themed panel contributions.

Applicants can submit an abstract for the following categories:

Stage presentations: all presentations will be 20 minutes with another 10 minutes for Q&A. Stage presentations may be given in any of the three languages of the conference (English, Spanish, or ASL). These presentations may held online or in-person.

Poster: applicants accepted for posters will be notified with specific guidelines for the poster. All posters will be displayed at the venue and online for asynchronous viewing and discussions. In addition, all poster presentations will be accompanied by lightning talks, with 5 minutes of presentation and an opportunity for live audience Q&A.

Themed panel: Panels will consist of three (3) presenters. Presenters interested in this format are responsible for deciding who will be part of the suggested panel, as well as the order of presenters. Only one document should be submitted per panel. The document should include the proposed theme (max 300 words or 3 minutes), and how each presenter will contribute to it (max 500 words or 5 minutes for each presenter).