Physics 500: Introduction to LabView

Seminar meets: June 5--June 9 2017 (Mon--Fri) 1300--1700. Regener Hall 118 (Astronomy Lab). Class size will be limited to 15 students because of the number of workstations.

Dr. Michael P. Hasselbeck  
Office: Physics & Astronomy Rm. 157   Phone: 277-0590  Email:

Topics covered: Calculations, data types, clusters, arrays, graphs, charts, WHILE loops, FOR loops, case structures, event structures, shift registers, state machines, disk I/O, timing, elementary device interfacing.

Prerequisites: Some programming experience is helpful but not required.

Textbook: None. LabView 2015 is installed on the lab computers.

Credit hours: 1 (CR/NC)


Exercise Instructions

Exercise 1: Numerical operations, Comparison, Case Structure, SubVI

Exercise 2: While Loop, Boolean indicators

Exercise 3: Event Structure, Cluster data, Property Node

Exercise 4: For Loop, Feedback Node, Shift Register

Exercise 5: Boolean mechanical action, Select function, Tab container

Exercise 6: PID control, Charts

Exercise 7: Waveforms, Waveform graphs

Exercise 8: Arrays, Disk I/O, Global variables, XY graph

Exercise 9: Waveform Fourier analysis

Exercise 10: Resource management, error cluster

Exercise 11: Reading from DAQ device

Exercise 12: State Machine

Exercise 13: Parallel loops

Exercise 14: Producer-Consumer

Exercise 15: Producer-Consumer with Event Structure

Exercise 16: Controlling hardware with DAQ device

Click here for the SubVI to be used in Exercise 6.
Click here for the SubVI to be used in Exercise 12.
Click here for the Strict Type Def to be used in Exercise 16.