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Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
University of New Mexico

Job and research opportunities:
Undergraduate work-study students and research assistants: Undergraduate students with interests in water quality, microbiology, and/or mathematical modeling should contact Dr. Schuler about opportunities for working in the UNM Environmental Engineering Lab. Please be prepared to provide a brief description of your qualifications and interests. This is an excellent opportunity for motivated students to gain exposure to laboratory research and environmental analyses.

Is your wastewater treatment plant experiencing settling problems? Recent research in our laboratory has demonstrated that low bacterial density is an important factor in some systems - see our recent publications on density and sedimentation in Environmental Science and Technology, Water Research, and Water Environment Research. Please contact Dr. Schuler if you have a plant that you suspect is experiencing settling problems, and you'd like to send in a sample for a free density analysis.

Contact information

Andrew J. Schuler, Ph.D. (Andy Schuler)
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico
MSC01 1070
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-0001

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Office: 3052 Centennial Engineering Center
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