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March 6, 2011  Project  -

Still Life 24 X 24 with 3" brush with longer handle (non-dominant hand optional)

Leila Hall      Gaye Garrison     Rod Groves  

 Jeff Potter     Jaci Fischer     Fred Yost       

Elaine  Scott     Betsy Greenlee











Plein Air 2006







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March 6, 2011 Project - 24" x 24" painting of a STILL LIFE done OPPOSITE HANDED w/ -extended length BRUSH (taped to a paint stir stick)


Leila Hall    "Things from my kitchen"


Betsy Greenlee    "Pot & Pitcher"


Jeff Potter   

 "Dog Toys in Basket"

Elaine Scott

"Kitchen Items"


  Jaci Fischer    


Fred Yost

"Round Ball Shoes"


Gaye Garrison

For this one, I actually broke down and bought some acrylics and found a 3" brush in the laundry room which I taped to a paint stir stick.  I was immediately reminded why I don't use acrylics (or oils) and fought my way through this one. It still isn't finished and probably won't be - ever.
This confirmed that soft pastels are my medium: dry and all the colors sitting right in front of me - no mixing, no fuss, little clean up.   At least I now have a range of colors for the grandkids to use when painting bird houses"


Rod Groves

 "Kitchen Clutter" acrylic 



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