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April 10, 2011  Project  -

"Fracturing / Fragmentation  and reassembling an image" 16" x 16" any medium

Leila Hall      Gaye Garrison     

Rod Groves   Jeff Potter    

Jaci Fischer     Fred Yost     

Elaine  Scott     Betsy Greenlee 











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April 10, 2011 Project - Fracturing  and reassembling an image" size = 16" x 16" any medium

Gaye Garrison

 Fractured Fruit. PASTEL  The colors of the fresh fruit and vegetables I had in my kitchen inspired me to drag them into my studio and photograph them.
Using a clear glass bowl let all the colors shine through and, when I saw the picture taken from above, I had my subject.
The circle was an area of the photo that I magnified just slightly. Then I fragmented the background area and shifted the images from their original orientation.
When it was finished, my husband commented that the whole image was circular - I hadn't even noticed while I was working on it.
This one was great fun!

Rod Groves

 "Palm Tree" acrylic 

  Leila Hall    

"Eggs" pastel

"Pot" pastel

 Betsy Greenlee    



Jeff Potter "based on an earlier project (Extreme color NM Icon - see thumbnail whereby I printed it 4X size on inkjet printer, tore the print up and reassembled onto fomecore painted with "fault lines" as grid for fracturing.  Then I used ink, oil pastel and more acrylic to accentuate the fracturing.  This was inspired by the recent earthquake in Japan."


 "Rio Grande Gorge after the Big One" collage + acrylic + oil pastel

Elaine Scott "First photo was an idea that sounded better than it turned out. I attempted to do four 8 X 8 inch separate fragmented pictures that when put together in any order would make another completed fragmented picture. It needs some more work in order to accomplish that but I still like the initial concept. I am attaching photo of 4 different combinations.( Acrylic mixed media)"

"Fractured Jawbones" acrylic

"4 images of bones"  acrylic

  Jaci Fischer    

"Chairs" pastel 


Fred Yost

" 1941" collage + encaustic + handmade paper

Next meeting is Sunday, June 5th at 1 PM.  Project - repeat of "fractured" with push towards abstraction

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