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 Rod Groves 

"Groves lineage in Wisconsin politics"  acrylic 

"This painting depicts the heritage of the father of the artist, Harold Groves.  Born on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin, the last of seven children, he pursued a university education and eventually received a PhD in Economics and became a professor at the University of Wisconsin.  He also became active in politics, a follower of the great Progressive leader, Robert M. LaFollette.  Elected first to the State Assembly and later the State Senate, he sponsored the first Unemployment Compensation law in the United States which later served as a model for similar Federal legislation.  Thereafter appointed State Tax Commissioner, he was instrumental in developing a progressive system of taxation in the State and in reforming property tax assessment procedures.  And he established a lifelong friendship with the  architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, also a resident of Wisconsin.  My painting represents some of the highlights and major influences of his rich life"


Elaine Scott

"My Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Cox"

Fused glass transfers and collage on canvas transfers  






Jeff Potter 

"A Connecticut Yankee goes to war and survives 23 battles"  inkjet collage with acrylic

"A fascinating look back at my great-grandfather on my father's maternal lineage.  George Anson Stocking of Waterbury CT - born in 1844.  He ran away from home at age 16 in 1860, was finally enlisted in Union army in 1862 and served the entire Civil War.  I was fortunate to have an uncle and aunt who typed up his letters home during the entire war as well as photos as he endured a horrific personal experience, yet lived to age 88."

  ALSO - a collection of selected letters home to his parents 1860 -1865 CLICK HERE (PDF)


 Gaye Garrison  "John William Oliver"

"John William Oliver"    photo collage


 Leila Hall  "The Puritan"

"The Puritan"- pastel  Leila Hall

"This is my pastel of a sculpture, “The Puritan”, which resides in Springfield , Massachusetts, where I was born. He is called Deacon Samuel Chapin, an Englishman who came to Massachusetts about 1629, and is an ancestor of mine (my grandmother’s maiden name was Chapin). The sculptor was the well-known Irish-American named Augustus Saint Gaudens. A small version of this bronze is in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City."


 Jaci Fischer  "My Iowa Heritage" mixed media

"My Iowa Heritage" mixed media   Jaci Fischer

"I condensed 12 early lives into 3 or 4 images on my collage...after struggling with the collage and lots of photos, I decided that simple and only few images worked best. I then added the helping hands, life feathers and a heart around the piece to express my love and the love that came to me."



 Fred Yost  "The Kid from Smithville" 

"The Kid from Smithville"  Fred Yost

"When I began thinking about my Heritage too many images came into my head. So, I decided to make a small book containing a few of those images along with descriptive text. This gave me a chance to learn how to get self-published books done on-line. "


 Betsy Greenlee   "In the Dew of Thy Youth"

"In the Dew of Thy Youth" photo collage and solar prints  Betsy Greenlee

"From a very early age I knew the deeply sad story of my father's brother Greenlee (dubbed "Gee"), a boy of unusual beauty and sensitive temperament, who had died in 1916 at the age of 15, leaving my rowdy father, at 12, the only surviving son of three. Their mother was completely devastated, and my father heroically attempted to take on the mantle of devoted and exemplary son. After my father died in 1994, I found a letter his mother had written to him in 1931, when he was a junior Marine officer on active duty in the Pacific. The letter began with a brief thank you for the roses my father had arranged to have delivered to her on Easter at home in Virginia, then went on to say that she had taken them to the cemetery to place on Gee's grave. The rest of the letter recounted in lyrical detail Gee's last hour and death, and was signed simply "Mother." So much is contained between the lines of this letter that helped me begin to understand the complicated psychology of the man who later became my father. "In the Dew of Thy Youth" is the epitaph carved into Gee's gravestone. "


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