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The following table provides PDF documents of lecture notes to the PowerPoint slides used in this class.  I have tried to  make them exactly the same as the lecture material.  However, last minute editing of my lectures may result in slight differences between these notes and the material presented in class.

Where possible, I have prepared the lectures with minimal animation and overlapping images so that these slide notes can be used to clearly reflect the slide content and be interpretable as additional notes.

To access the PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer.

To open the PDF file simply click on the topic link.  This will launch Acrobat Reader and you will see the lecture notes pages (2 slides per page).  Print these documents and bring them to class in preparation for the lecture on that topic.

Date Content

Introduction; Course Overview, Website structure and  material  [no readings]; Student Presentation Explanation; Research examples

Lecture 1: An Introduction to Research Design

1/27 Lecture 2: The Scientific Method; Statistics; Type I and II Errors

Lecture 3: Experimental vs. Non-Experimental Research; Critique of research articles

Find three research articles (1 scientific publication, 1 magazine article, 1 newspaper article) that interest you and bring them to class next week

2/10 Quiz 1

Lecture 4: Research Hypotheses; Different Types of Quantitative Research

2/17 Lecture 5: Sampling Methods; Skittles Sampling Exercise

Skittles Sampling Exercise Results

Lecture 6: Significance levels; Type I and II errors; Statistical Power, Effect Size and Sample size estimation

3/3 Class Cancelled

Lecture 7: Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

Lecture 8: Types of Validity/Reliability

REVIEW for Exam 1

3/17 Spring Break
3/24 Exam 1

Lecture 9: Research Designs


Lecture 11: Advanced Research Designs

4/7 Dr. Robergs in Australia

Quiz 2

Lecture 12: Matching Research Designs to Statistics (no PowerPoint)

4/21 Matching Research Designs to Statistics, cont'd & Practice Examples
4/28 Student PowerPoint Presentations
5/5 Student PowerPoint Presentations

REVIEW for Exam 2

5/12 Final Exam