Finals Week

We Present Final Projects in Class Today!

Have your project uploaded to your UNM Web space and ready to show. Attendance is required.

Also, be sure you have a copy of your project files with you to hand in (they will be copied to a USB flash drive).

Your pages should validate as HTML5 whenever possible (validator at and must work properly on the UNM Web server.

Your CSS must validate using the validator at:

Send an email to that includes the URL to the main page of your final project.

NOTE! The Subject line of this email should be "IT145 YourName Final Project"

Please leave your project up on the server for one week after the final class.

Your project must include a link to a page that explains where you used all of the required features in the final project.

Your final project must include CSS page layout, Dynamic CSS effects, some of the new CSS3 formatting options, lists, forms, and tables (in addition to whatever HTML and CSS you need from the first part of the course to make a good, complete Web site). Some Javascript is optional. This project may be a continuation of the site created in your midterm project. A more complex project with well-designed pages is worth more credit.

Note! It is important that you begin work on your final project early so that you are not too rushed at the end of the semester.