1127 University Blvd NE 87102-1715
FAX 272-5317

   PBX - General Information                         272-5200
   Outpatient Appointments                           272-4511
                                                 FAX 272-3215
   Executive Director
      Doris Tinagero                                 272-5201
   Admin Assistant
      Diane Kelley                                   272-5201
   Information Systems
      John Austin                                    272-5233
Care Management
   RN Care Mgr, Discharge Planner
      Nancy Bell, RN (Outpatient)                    272-5257
   UR Coord, Surgical Scheduling
      Elizabeth Alderete, RN                         272-5761
   RN Care Mgr, Discharge Planner
      Joni Chavez (Inpatient)  Joni Chavez           272-5371
                                                 pgr 951-2279
   Admission Liason                                  220-1090
   Case Manager (Inpatient)
      Anne Snyder, RN  Anne Snyder, RN               272-5760
   Registration Patient Access
      Lloyd Romero, Supervisor                       272-5760
   Admitting Rep
      Shirley Stillman                               272-5261
   Facilities Supervisor
      David Krantz                                   272-9010
   Housekeeping Supervisor
      Carmen Baca                                    272-1603
Medical Affairs                           FAX 272-6500
   Medical Director
      Dale Hoekstra, MD                              272-5214
   Pediatric Orthopaedist
      Elizabeth A Szalay, MD                         272-5214
   Department Secretary
      Jude McMullen                                  272-5214
   Pediatric Orthopaedist
      Antony Kallur, MD                              272-5271
   Division Chief, Pediatric
      Rehabilitation                                 272-5271
      Denise Taylor, MD                              272-5271
   Department Secretary
      Debra Richards                                 272-5271
      Margaret Armstrong, MD                         272-4244
   Pediatric Gastroenterology
      Edward L Rose, MD                              272-4928
      Jeffrey C Fahl, MD                             272-4928
   Pediatric Rhematologist
      Courtney Johnson, MD                           272-4244
      Mark Pedrotty, PhD                             272-4244
   Dental Clinic
      Kim Espinosa, DDS                              272-5326
   Office Coordinator
      Loretta Sanchez                                272-5326
Nursing and Clinical Services
   Inpatient Unit Director
      Sharon Guerra, RN  Sharon Guerra, RN           272-5364
   Outpatient Nurse Director
      Laura Bluhm, RN  Laura Bluhm, RN               272-5232
   Department Secretary
      Meaghan White                                  272-0225
   Outpatient & Supervisor
      Vacant                                         272-9656
   Physician Assistant
      Candice Leas, PA (Inpatient)  Candice Leas, PA 272-5250
   Outreach Clinic Coordinator
      Vacant                                         272-5270
   Cast Room Supervisor
      Melissa Walters                                272-5282
   Respiratory Therapy (Inpatient)                   272-1244
      Rawdon Burns                                   272-1244
   Inpatient Nursing Station                         272-5355
   Outpatient Ortho Nursing Station
      1st Floor                                      272-5286
   Outpatient Nursing Station
      2nd Floor                                      272-2221
Pediatric Speciality Clinic
   RN Supervisor
      Pearl Richins                                  925-4034
                                                 pgr 951-2189
Pharmacy                                             272-5250
Radiology/Ultra Sound/DEXA Scans                     272-5314
                                                 FAX 272-1261
Rehabilitation                            505 272-5335
                                                 FAX 272-5868
   Marti Reese, MA, CCC-SLP
      Director of Rehab Services                     272-5384
   Department Secretary
      Janell Chavez                                  272-4276
   Manager of Rehab Services
      Valerie Girard, OT                             272-5834
   SLP/PT/OT                                         272-5335
   Mgr of Orthotics & Prosthetics
      Valerie Hoffman, CP                            272-5330
   Coordinator Material Management
      Richard Cosbey                                 272-5324
   O&P                                               272-5335
   Front Desk Supervisor
      Barbara Adams                                  272-5366
      Linda Dimas, PCC                               272-2605
      Pearl Goldstein, PCC                           272-5240
Social Services
   Team Leader
      Betsy Raskob                                   272-5274
      John Chimarusti                                272-5296
      Catherine Jabar                                272-5277