Scholes Hall, Rm 240

   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC05 3400
Provost/EVP for Academic Affairs                     277-2611
      Chaouki Abdallah
   Executive Assistant
      Jessica Ramos                                  277-2206
Sr. Vice Provost/Academic Affairs
      Carol Parker                                   277-2611
Associate Provost for Curriculum
      Greg Heileman
   Administrative Assistant
      Joe Suilmann                                   277-2613
Assoc Provost for Faculty Devlpmt
      Virginia Scharff
   Administrative Assistant
      Mark Orgeron                                   277-7119
Strategic Planner
      Melissa Vargas                                 277-3743
   Administrative Assistant
      Lauren Liwski                                  277-9703
      Melissa Vargas                                 277-3743
   Administrative Assistant
      Mark Orgeron                                   277-9703
Assoc Vice Provost Academic Affrs
      Curtis R Porter
   Financial Analyst
      Nicole Dopson                                  277-2254
   Administrative Assistant
      Ashly Quintana                                 277-2611
Faculty Contracts & Services Offc                    277-4528
   Interim Director
      Theresa Ramos                                  277-5278
   Mgr., Faculty Contracts
      Antoinette Willis                              277-5278
   Faculty Services Representatives                  277-5278
      Emily Luhman                                   277-2504
      Mary Jane Lueras                               277-7837
      Lavern Rodriguez                               277-5278
Accreditation, Assessment,
   & Academic Program Review
   University Accredititation
   Director & Associate Directory
   Institutional Research
      Nancy Middlebrook                              277-9173
   Program Specialist,
   Academic Program Review (APR)
      Bessie Gallegos                                277-3330
VP Division of Equity & Inclusion                    277-1238
      Jozi De Leon
   Administrative Officer
      Lorena Blanco-Silva                            277-1238
Office of Institutional Research
   Scholes Hall, Rm 238 MSC 05 3240                  277-5115
   Director of Institutional Rsrch
      Terry Turner
   Institutional Researcher
      Heather Mechler                                277-7657
   Institutional Researcher
      Vinaya Ganapavarapu                            277-7640
   Institutional Researcher
      Yingchen Wang                                  277-7640
   Institutional Researcher
      Schuyler Smith                                 277-7657
   Administrative Asssistant
      Elizabeth Albright                             277-5115
Office Support for Effective Trng
   MSC 06 3695                                       277-2229
   Program Coordinator for OSET
      Jennifer Kemper                                277-2229
Assoc VP for Enrollment Mgmt
   Student Svcs Cntr, MSC11 6300
      Terry Babbitt                                  277-8392
   Administrative Officer Div.
      Geraldine Ware                                 277-2794
   Operations Manager
      Denise Osborne                                 277-1766
   Operations Specialist
      Wayne Mannion                                  277-3773
   Administrative Assistant
      Barbara Gallegos                               277-0385
Vice President for Research
   Scholes Hall, MSC 05 3480
   Assoc VP & Research Initiatives
      Johann Van Reenen
   Program Planning Officer
      Matthew Gallegos                               277-0552
   Special Asst for Straregic Intvs
      Connie Beimer                                  277-2498
   Director of Ethical &
   Responsible Conduct of Research
      Andy Ross                                      277-3129
   Exec Research Operations Office
      Barbara West
   Administrative  Officer
      Felicia Rider                                  277-0955
   Managing Editor/Designer
      Valerie Roybal                                 277-8382
   Accountant 3
      Joanna Garcia                                  277-6521
   Administrative Assistant
      Jennifer Nieto                                 277-3350
   Professional Inter
      Cate Wisdom
VP for Student Affairs
   Scholes Hall, MSC05 3365
      Eliseo Torres                                  277-0952
   Associate VP for Student Affairs
      Tim Gutierrez                                  277-0963
   Associate VP for Student Life
      Walter Miller                                  277-2331
   Interim Dean of Students and
   Fiscal & Planning Officer
      Kimmerly Kloeppel                              277-0957
   Administrative Assistant III
      Francisco Certain                              277-0952
   Public Affairs Representative
      Dorene DiNaro                                  277-5299
Vice Provost/Extended University
   1800 Sigma Chi NE, MSC03 2190
      Monica Orozco Obando                           277-2215
   Assist to VP/Extended University
      Veronica Sanchez                               277-6409
   Sr. Program Manager:
   Extended University HQ
      Danita Gomez                                   277-0896
      Dane Smith Hall, MSC03 2190
   Spec Proj, Studnt Supp & Ser Ctr
      Donna Hoff, Program Specialist                 277-3036
      1155 University Blvd SE
   Spec Proj, Studnt Supp & Ser Ctr
      Carole Jablonski, Building Mgr                 277-3195
      1155 University Blvd SE