Family Practice/Psychiatry 4th Fl
FAX 272-4921

   Mail Stop Code:
      MSC09 5030
   (See Also UNM Psychiatric Ctr)
      2600 Marble NE                                 272-2800
      Samuel J Keith, MD                             272-0518
   Executive Vice Chair
      George Nurnberg, MD                            272-4167
   Office Administrator
      Azucena Villa                                  272-4167
   Clinical Department
      Sarah Thomas                                   272-0529
Child and Adolescent Division                        272-5002
   Vice Chair for Child and
      Community Programs
      David Graeber, MD
   Associate Director of Child &
      Adolescent Psychiatry
      David Mullen, MD
   Resident Coordinator
      Angela Larkin
Education                                            272-5416
   Vice Chair for Education
      and Academic Affairs
      Jeffrey Katzman, MD
   Sr Residency Program Coord
      Kathy Bell-Pena                                272-5417
UNM Psychiatric Center
   Executive Medical Director
      Brooke Parish, MD                              272-9141
   Admin Assistant III
      Christine Martin                               272-2861
Administration & Finance                             272-2223
   Vice Chair for Administration
      and Finance
      Donna M Sigl, MD
   Accountant III
      Barbara Watson                                 272-8880
   Accountant III
      Mike Withrow                                   272-0550
Addiction Psychiatry                                 272-8428
   Vice Chair for Addiction
      Michael Bogenschutz, MD
CRCBH                                                272-6238
   Director, Center for Rural and
   Community Behavioral Health
      Steve Adelsheim, MD
   Accountant II
      Nicole Dominguez                               272-5954
   Admin Assistant III
      Flor Cano-Soto