Trent Irwin

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of New Mexico

Research Interests:

I am interested in most aspects of Psychology, but my main interest is in Evolutionary Psychology. In the future I would like to study sexual selection, mate choice, mental fitness indicators, individual differences in intelligence, personality, and evolutionary consumer psychology.


I have several responsibilities in the lab. Among them are updating and maintaining Project MARS databases, assenting potential participants, getting consent from parents or legal guardians, supervising PSY 499 undergraduates and volunteers, setting up and supervising Project MARS interventions at the BCJDC and updating and maintaining the SHERPA lab Google page and website.

About Me:

Iíve lived in New Mexico most of my life. Iíve been married since November of 2008. I spend my free time reading books, surfing the internet (mostly at Cracked and Rotten Tomatoes), watching TV and playing video games.