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How do I find out if a journal is available in full text?

Use E-journal Finder.
  1. Type your journal title into search box.
  2. Choose your title from the list displayed.
  3. Note which databases have the title in full text and the years.
  4. Open a 2nd copy of your browser with the All Databases page and compare the databases with two lists.
  5. If you find a match, click on the database in the All Databases page and search for the journal title.
Not all databases will be available at UNM-Valencia.
This service provided by UNM Main Campus.


How do I renew my books?

Materials may be renewed 3 times, if no other borrower has requested the item.
  1. You may renew items online using LIBROS.
  2. Library staff will renew items in person at the Circulation Desk.
  3. Library staff will renew items by phone (505-925-8990).


Where do I send a fax?

At the Administrative Office.
  1. Go to Cashier's Office and indicate you want to send a fax.
  2. Pay for pages to be faxed.
  3. Go to Front Desk of Administration with receipt.
  4. Someone at the Front Desk will send the fax.
At the Bookstore.


How do I print?

  • The Library has 2 printers (not networked) attached to 2 PCs.
  • You must save your work to the student folder, other portable memory device, or e-mail it to yourself.
  • Go to one of the printer PCs.
  • Open your work and print.
  • You are limited to 25 pages per day.
  • The printer is set to print 2 sided.


How do I copy notes on Reserve?

  • You will need your Library Card to check the notes out.
  • You may make copies using one of the Library's 2 photocopies.
  • Copies are 10 cents per page. Change is available at the desk.


Can I watch a video/dvd in the Library?

  • You may watch DVDs or videos that are on Reserve in the Library.
  • Other DVDs or videos may be checked out for 3 days.

Does the Library have a scanner?

  • The Library has a scanner that will create jpg or pdf files.
  • Its does not have OCR software.


Does the Library have a color printer?

  • The Library does not have a color printer.
  • The Business Technology Lab has a color printer.
  • There is no color photocopier on campus.


Does the Library have my textbook?

  • The Library does not buy or interlibrary loan textbooks.
  • Some professors may optionally place a textbook on Reserve for short loan (2 hours).
  • The Bookstores sells and rents textbooks.

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