PhD Degree

UNM is an ideal place to pursue a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics. The university is located in the heart of New Mexico, where the Spanish and other languages abounds, thus offering a multitude of exciting opportunities for research. The location is ideal for fieldwork given its diverse population and unique sociolinguistic demographics. Students interested in bilingualism, heritage speakers, code-switching, sociolinguistics, New Mexican Spanish, language documentation, and other cutting-edge topics will find that UNM is an excellent fit. Our five faculty members in the Hispanic Linguistics program focus on these and other exciting topics, such as cognitive-functional linguistics, morphosyntax, phonetics, phonology, sociolinguistics, language contact, typology, language documentation and revitalization, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, and more. We are especially dedicated to close supervision of our PhD students. As a result, our students are actively engaged in research, thereby ensuring long-term success in academia (For more information, see current students). Furthermore, our seamless relationship with the Linguistics Department provides our students with access to a wide variety of classes and large, tight-knit community of linguists here at UNM.

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